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If learners require a new school bag, stickers, pencil case, note book and other educational products, please see: After months of enforced homeschooling, the school gates are finally open and learners can return to the classroom. It’s time again for a school education, meeting friends and getting reacquainted with the curriculum. Study Coach sends greeting to all learners, teaching staff and supporting staff, we recognise that everyone will need to embrace changes to the normal school experience and we wish everyone well.

Back to School and Testing

From what we understand students will be tested for Covid-19 three times in the first two weeks of school, and that students will receive flow tests to carry out at home. We further understand that testing at school is voluntary and can only be carried out with parental consent and that due to individual differences some learners might be unable to take a test. Teaching staff and other staff will also be tested, in a bid to make the school environment as safe as possible. Let’s all try to have a positive mindset as we move forward and re-engage with learning.

No Stressor — No Stress

Taking on new changes can cause stress but the stress theory also says that if there is no response then there will be no stress, so do try not to respond negatively, try some eustress (positive stress) instead. Study Coach Essay Writing and Dissertation Service is here to support learners studying for a PGCE or for a degree. If you are returning to the classroom as a mature learner or starting a teaching assistant post do take a look at our stickers and other educational products to aid learners.

PEE Products Study Coach — Redbubble

For example, we have some PEE (Point, Explain, Evidence) products to help learners structure essay answers, very useful for those working towards GCSE’s. Our SMART acronym products, will help school, university and other learners with setting goals and accomplishing tasks (very useful for personal and group tutorials to help learners plan learning goals). Budding Entrepreneurs and people with a side hustle can also employ SMART to help with planning and achieving business goals. All products PEE, SMART, Similes and lots more are at

Learning products are designed to aid memory and to make learning accessible. Please take a look, love if you would make a purchase and best wishes on being back at school and have a great learning journey.



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